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Oswestry Beekeepers’ Association is a small and informal group of beekeepers based in and around Oswestry.

We are fully affiliated to Shropshire Beekeepers Association

We have a schedule of meeting each summer, as members’ home apiaries, where we gather for a relaxed exchange of news and ideas.

The venues range from lakeside gardens to Welsh mountainsides. A guest speaker examines the colonies and gives tips and advice for newcomers and old hands, and the event ends very satisfactorily with more conversation over tea and sandwiches.

We are often lucky with the weather and enjoy a pleasant afternoon.

Being a small association, covering a relatively sparsely populated area, Oswestry Beekeepers are not able to organise a great range of events.

One of our main events is the annual Oswestry Show.


Membership is now from November 1st to October 31st.

Public Liability

Members are now insured against Third Party Claims.

Members are insured for three hives, with Bee Disease Insurance against Foul Brood Diease.
Extra hives can be insured through the Treasurer.

Some contributions may be made towards payment of Examination fees for the approved B.B.K.A examinations.

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