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    The essential first step for beginners is to join your local association. There you will find help and advice to get you set up.

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    Swarms are, for some beekeepers, the highlight of the beekeeping year.

Find Us At Oswestry Show

Oswestry Beekeepers Association will once again have a presence at Oswestry Show on the 4thAugust 2018. If you are attending, do drop by and see us. You will find us in the Horticultural Society marque where we are sponsoring a couple of classes, one for children and one for adults, details below. The address is Oswestry Show Ground, Park Hall, Oswestry. SY11 4AB

As well as a display of bees (provide by our Chairman, Sir Anthony Rigby), we will have a couple of competitions running, and various bee related products on sale: Locally produced Honey, Honey Soap, Beeswax Furniture Polish etc. all produced by our members. Not forgetting the display stand, which will be manned by OBKA members who will be available to talk to anyone interested in bees and advise anyone considering keeping bees as a hobby.


Horticultural Society Classes – HONEY BEE PASTURE

Class 59

A basket of Common Flowers (and their foliage and fruit) from which the Honey Bee gathers nectar and pollen. To be staged within a space not larger than 40cm.x 40cm. and not judged purely on the number of species present. (Rare species must not be exhibited.)

A list of the species used must be provided and will be judged as an integral part of the exhibit and their relevance to beekeeping. (Related accessories allowed.)

Class 60

Junior class up to the age of 16 years.

An arrangement of common, NOT RARE, flowers (and their foliage and fruit) from which the honeybee gathers nectar and pollen, arranged in a TWO LITRE ice cream carton. The exhibit will be judged on its artistic merit and relevance to beekeeping, NOT on the number of species present.

We Look Forward to Seeing you at the Show on the 4thAugust


How to Save an Exhausted Bee

Found a bee struggling to fly?

It’s not just us humans who are struggling with the heat this summer. If you come across a struggling bee, it could be suffering from exhaustion.

A simple sugar and water solution is sufficient to get a bee buzzing again. Never feed a bee honey – bees can catch viruses if they eat honey from neighbouring hives. Place the sugar and water solution by the bee’s head on a bit of foil or a shallow plastic lid. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see the bee feeding with its long tongue.

It may take anything from a few minutes to an hour after feeding on a syrup solution. If it’s not raining, put the bee somewhere safe outside, such as in a plant pot where it can stretch its wings and fly away when it’s ready. Hopefully, it will back and buzzing about in no time!




Oswestry Beekeepers’ Association meet throughout the year to bring together Oswestry’s Beekeepers and bee enthusiasts. During the summer months we meet at a different location each time with a different expert guest speaker. During the winter we invite a guest speaker to join us for a talk on a whole range of subjects relating to bees and honey. See our Events page for more information.



To keep up to date with the latest news on Oswestry Beekeepers’ Association, see the news page.



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About us

About us

Oswestry Beekeepers’ Association is a small and informal group of beekeepers based in and around Oswestry.